North Dakota Fishing License

Ready to do some fishing in North Dakota and realized you need your licence?

No fishing license? No problem. Click here to get your fishing license now, so you stop worrying and start fishing!

Spend more time on the lake fishing with friends and family and less time defending why you don’t have a fishing license.

Trust us, we want you to have just as much fun as the next person, so just get your license. It might be a little bit of a hassle, but it’s definitely worth it for the tackle box. Get your three C’s (Catfish, Crappie and Carp) in our lakes now. If you’re serious about fishing or even thinking about taking it up, we highly recommend you get a fishing license.

Whether you fish every weekend or once a year, having a fishing license is important because you certainly don’t want to be caught without one. We much rather see what fish you caught instead of being caught without a fishing license.

Remember your fishing license, your bait and we’ll see you on the docks!

Whether you're fishing for Channel Catfish, Largemouth Bass, Crappie, or Trout you probably want to make sure you’re playing by the rules.

As fishermen we were sick and tired of spending countless hours searching online for fishing license information when we could be casting our reels instead. To eliminate this annoying task, we wanted to do some of the heavy lifting for you by providing you with the information you need to get your fishing license in North Dakota.

Click the link below to get the ball rolling.


North Dakota Fishing License

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